Typhoon Number 4 and 5


Typhoon Nr. 4 台風4号

since June 18 also
Typhoon Nr. 5 台風5号

2012年6月12日16時30分発表 June 12
12日15時に台風第04号が発生しました。 台風第04号は、12日15時にはカロリン諸島の北北西約300kmにあって、西へ毎時15kmで進んでいます。中心気圧は1004hPa、中心付近の最大風速は18m/sです。この台風は、13日15時にはフィリピンの東に達し、14日15時にはフィリピンの東に達するでしょう。15日15時にはフィリピンの東に達する見込みです。
heading toward the Philippines.

Might turn toward Korea on June 18.

Coming up, maybe influence our weather on the 19th.
One week of rain ahead in the forecast.

It will be close about June 20.
Strong rain for tomorrow night forecast.

2012年6月16日16時30分発表 June 16
very strong typhoon 非常に強い台風第04号は、16日15時にはフィリピンの東にあって、北北西へ毎時20kmで進んでいます。中心気圧は950hPa、中心付近の最大風速は45m/sです。この台風は、17日15時にはフィリピンの東に達するでしょう。18日15時には沖縄の南に達し、19日15時には九州の南に達するでしょう。

Heading toward Honshu main island on 20 and 21,
hopefully a bit south of it.

2012年6月17日16時30分発表 June 17
Seems to move faster, hanging south of Honshu from June 19 to 20.

2012年6月18日4時30分発表 June 18 Morning

2012年6月18日16時30分発表 June 18 afternoon
Heading right over central Japan and then toward Akita.
It will be close to Okayama by tomorrow afternoon till late evening - maybe.

2012年6月19日1時30分発表 June 19, 1:30

June 19, about 2 at night
Very strong rain in Okayama.

June 19, about 5 at night
Still very strong rain in Okayama.
Typhoon has slowed down a bit and rain will last longer here.

2012年6月19日4時30分発表 June 19, 4:40

2012年6月19日7時30分発表  June 19, 7:30
Moving with a speed of 45 kmh, picking up to 50 an hour later.
It will be most south of us in Shikoku around 6 this evening - hopefully.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Powerful typhoon Guchol could land by Wednesday
A powerful typhoon was moving toward the archipelago Monday with sustained strength and could make landfall by Wednesday, the Meteorological Agency said.
The agency warned of thunderstorms, strong winds and high waves in southwestern and western Japan as Typhoon Guchol, the fourth of the year, was around 450 km south of Naha, Okinawa, at 9 a.m. Monday and moving northward at about 25 kph.
The typhoon was expected to approach Okinawa and threaten Shikoku Tuesday night. It could land in areas ranging from western to eastern Japan by Wednesday, the agency said.
With an atmospheric pressure of 950 hectopascals at its core, the typhoon was packing winds of up to around 160 kph near its center and 90 kph or more in areas within a 150-km radius, likely bringing strong winds to southwestern, western and central Japan on Tuesday.
source : www.japantimes.co.jp

2012年6月19日11時30分発表 June 19, 11:30
Moves at 50 km/h, loosing a bit of its strength.
Still south of Tanegashima near Kyushu.
Maybe making landfall near Osaka late tonight.

2012年6月19日13時30分発表 June 19, 13:30
Moves at 55 km/h.
Maybe in Gifu town at midnight.

2012年6月19日16時30分発表 June 19, 16:30
Moves at 60 km/h, north-east. Is south-west of Shio no Misaki in Wakayama and likely make landfall there, then rush north-east, maybe crossing most of Honshu Japan.

Here we have strong rain and some wind, but not toooo bad.

around 5 this afternoon,
the typhoon has finally landed on the southern tip of Wakayama, Kushimoto town, and is heading north-east over land now.

- NHK news -
Typhoon makes landfall on Japan's main island
Typhoon Guchol has made landfall in western Japan. Forecasters say the storm is bringing torrential rains to many coastal areas.
It is the first typhoon in 8 years to make a direct strike on Japan's main island of Honshu during the month of June.
Japan's Meteorological Agency say Typhoon Guchol will maintain strength as it travels northeast across the country.
In some areas in western and eastern Japan local governments have issued evacuation advisories affecting thousands of people.
The storm has disrupted transportation networks across the country. Airlines have so far cancelled more than 430 domestic flights. 42 international flights have also been grounded.

2012年6月19日20時30分発表 June 19, 20:30
Still moving fast at 65 km/h.
Might reach Kesennuma in Tohoku by six tomorrow morning. Then go to sea at Hachinohe.

Ohaga has been rather quiet for the last 2 hours, no rain, no storm.
We hope for a quiet night.


- - - - - June 20

A very quiet night here in Okayama. All is over.

2012年6月20日6時30分発表 at 6:30
The typhoon is still over land and should reach Miyako by 3 this afternoon.

..A powerful typhoon bringing heavy rain and strong winds cut across Japan's main island of Honshu Tuesday, the weather agency said, injuring some 20 people and causing major traffic delays.

More than 150,000 people in central, eastern and northeastern Japan were issued with evacuation orders, Kyodo News said, with warnings of dangerous landslides from the heavy rain.
"It is dangerous to be outside in such weather so we advise people to go home and avoid going out until things have calmed down, which is forecast on Wednesday," the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The typhoon -- the first tropical storm to make a landfall on Japan this year, and the first since 2004 to do so as early as June -- reached the south of Honshu by late afternoon, the agency said.
It was moving northeast, crossing the north of Tokyo where winds of over 125 kilometres (78 miles) per hour were recorded.
Kyodo News reported 24 people had been injured in ten different prefectures.
Airlines have cancelled 452 domestic and international flights so far, affecting 35,000 passengers, while travel on regional and high-speed trains has been hit with delays and cancellations, and some roads have also been closed.
The typhoon, named Guchol -- meaning "turmeric" in a Micronesian language, -- was projected to go out into the Pacific again Wednesday morning.

A fifth typhoon, named Talim, is following a different path in the South China Sea but is also expected to reach the Japanese archipelago on Friday.
source : news.yahoo.com

NHK news
Typhoon hits mainland Japan

A strong typhoon has reached mainland Japan, bringing heavy rain to wide areas. Coastal areas of northeastern Japan are bracing for high waves.
The Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Guchol is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to wide areas of Japan's main island Honshu.
The agency reported a low of 965 hectopascals, and says the typhoon is packing winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. The storm is now moving northeast at 65 kilometers per hour in central Japan.
The agency says some areas will get as much as 40 centimeters of rain by noon on Wednesday.
In western Japan, municipalities have issued evacuation instructions or advisories to 96,000 households due to possible landslides.
The northeastern city of Ishinomaki issued an evacuation advisory for 13,000 households for fear of high waves. The city's coastal area sank due to last year's devastating earthquake, making it more vulnerable to high waves.
The typhoon has disrupted transportation networks across the country. Airlines have cancelled more than 430 domestic and about 40 international flights.


Typhoon Nr. 5 台風5号

2012年6月18日4時30分発表 June 18


2012年6月19日10時30分発表 June 19, 10:30
Moves very slowly, but might reach Okayama on the 22.

Proceeds very slowly, will turn into tropical depression and maybe reach Shikoku on the 22nd.

The typhoon has changed into a tropical depression, but strong rain is falling in many parts of Japan.
We are expecting more rain in Ohaga tonight (it is about 9 evening now.)

2012年6月22日 - NHK news

Flooding in city of Wakayama

Heavy rain overnight has flooded a wide swath of land along the Wada River in Wakayama Prefecture.
The flooding submerged roads, houses and farms on Friday, forcing local railways to suspend service and some schools to close.
Local authorities say the water was as deep as 1.5 meters in some locations, but is now gradually receding.
Firefighters rescued a man trapped in the flooding early in the morning.


. . source : typhoon.yahoo.co.jp

source : Japan Meteorological Agency




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