100621 Earthquake Nara

地震 earthquake

2010年7月21日 6時19分ごろ
震源地 奈良県 Nara prefecture
規模 マグニチュード 5.1 Magnitude

震度2 magnitude
岡山県 Okayama prefecture

岡山県南部 倉敷市 玉野市 里庄町

震度1 magnitude
岡山県北部 真庭市 笠岡市 総社市 高梁市 備前市 和気町 早島町 矢掛町 瀬戸内市 赤磐市 浅口市 岡山北区 岡山中区 岡山東区 岡山南区

. . source : typhoon.yahoo.co.jp

The quake was in the Nara region.
But my home shook quite a bit and the glass doors of the bookshelves made that noise.


sudden awaking ...
an earthquake rattles
my bookshelves


. 地震 Jishin - Earthquake
in Ohaga

大垪和 。。。道の駅に戻る – Michi no Eki - BACK




facebook said...

"I noticed a pattern that after heavy soaking rains in Japan an earthquake follows.
I think this is known already in the geological community. The ground water swells and seeps deeper and may become expanded by vulcanism which will cause layers of rocks to move. "

Anonymous said...

magnificent haiku Gabi, it expresses so well the dramatic situation of an earthquake