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November 05, 2018
2018年11月5日 8時19分ごろ

岡山北区  岡山中区  岡山南区  倉敷市  玉野市  笠岡市  総社市  高梁市  新見市  瀬戸内市  真庭市  浅口市  里庄町  矢掛町 


November 02, 2018
2018年11月2日 16時54分ごろ

岡山南区  倉敷市  玉野市  総社市  高梁市  里庄町 

岡山北区  岡山中区  岡山東区  笠岡市  井原市  新見市  備前市  瀬戸内市  赤磐市  真庭市  浅口市  和気町  早島町  矢掛町  鏡野町  岡山美咲町  吉備中央町 


June 26, 2018
2018年6月26日 17時00分ごろ

マグニチュード 4.9 / 広島県北部 Northern Hiroshima

Okayama 震度2 Magnitude 2
岡山南区  倉敷市  玉野市  笠岡市  総社市  高梁市  新見市  赤磐市  真庭市  浅口市  和気町  早島町  里庄町  矢掛町  鏡野町 


June 18, 2018
2018年6月18日 7時58分ごろ

マグニチュード 5.9 / 大阪府北部 Osaka
It's categorized as a six-minus on a scale of zero to seven on Japan's seismic intensity scale.

Okayama 震度3 Magnitude 3
岡山北区  岡山中区  岡山東区  岡山南区  倉敷市  津山市  玉野市  備前市  瀬戸内市  赤磐市  真庭市  美作市  和気町  里庄町 

The walls shook a bit and then about three bumps up and down.

- NHK news -
Shinkansen bullet train services are partly halted. The 3 airports in the region temporarily halted operations but have just resumed.
No tsunami warning has been issued.
- news around 11:30
At least 3 dead in Osaka quake
At least 2 elderly men and a little girl are dead in Osaka from a magnitude 6.1 earthquake.
Authorities are still getting to grips with the extent of injuries, but they say at least 61 people have been hurt across multiple prefectures in western Japan.
The 9-year-old girl and one of the elderly men were hit by falling walls in different areas. A bookshelf killed the other man. Many of the injured have been taken to hospital.
Firefighters are trying to put out a house fire in northern Osaka.
Cracked pipes are spilling water onto some roads.
And at least fourteen cases of people trapped inside elevators have been reported.
Dozens have fled to evacuation centers set up across Osaka. 100,000 homes are without gas. But power has been restored for 170,000 that had lost it.
Some public schools have been closed with parents asked to pick their children.
Shinkansen bullet train service has been halted and local trains have also been affected, stranding thousands of passengers. Officials are now trying to rescue passengers from trains stuck between stations.
Two airports in the region temporarily suspended flights, but have since resumed operations.
Officials in neighboring Fukui Prefecture say they've checked all the 15 nuclear reactors there, both online and offline, and no problems have been found.
The strong earthquake struck before 8 am in northern Osaka. It's categorized as a six-minus on a scale of zero to seven on Japan's seismic intensity scale.
Senior government officials are gathering for an emergency meeting at the Prime Minister's office.
Japanese Self-Defense Force fighter jets and helicopters are heading to the area to gather information.


May 21, 2018
2018年5月21日 16時49分ごろ

Magnitude マグニチュード 2.9


April 09, 2018 - 01:32

島根県西部 Shimane
Magnitude 5.8 5強 - strong 5
Woke up, the house doing a jump !

2018年4月9日 2時00分 島根県西部 4.7
2018年4月9日 2時15分 島根県西部 4.8
- and many more aftershocks !

- NHK News -

A strong earthquake struck Shimane Prefecture in western Japan early on Monday morning.
Japan's Meteorological Agency says the estimated magnitude was 6.1 and the focus was in the western part of the prefecture at a depth of 12 kilometers. The agency says there is no risk of a tsunami.
Tremors with an intensity level of 5-plus on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7 were observed in Ohda City.
Three people are said to have been injured. Two others were reportedly treated at hospitals outside the city.
A series of tremors have been recorded in the prefecture since the strong quake. The agency warns that tremors of up to level 5-plus may occur over the coming week.


October 21, 2016 - 14:07

Earthquake in 鳥取県中部 Tottori magnitude 6.6
And wide parts of Western Japan were shaking !

This time the house shook for quite a long time . . . we just made it outside
Electricity gone . . . now back
seems half of Japan was wobbeling this time . . .
and many many many after shocks since then already . . .
We spent most of the afternoon outside, just to be on the safe side, since the house was rattling ever so often.

- reference : quakes and aftershocks in Tottori -

Officials at the Meteorological Agency say seismic activity continues in Tottori for about a week at least and are asking people to be prepared and take precautions against another possible earthquake.

- Read the news about this quake :
- Earthquake news online -


January 01, 2016
2016年1月1日 0時47分ごろ

マグニチュード - - - 3.9 Magnitude


March 14, 2014

地震  strong earthquake

Magnitude 6.1 (6.3)

. . source : typhoon.yahoo.co.jp/weather

2014年3月14日 2時06分ごろ
震源地 - 伊予灘 off Kyushu

Felt strong 5 in Ehime 震度5強 愛媛県 西予市 
Felt weak 5 in Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kochi and Oita.

Felt 1 from Ishikawa, Nagano to Kagoshima - most of Western and Central Japan !

Okayama was 4. - 震度4 - 岡山県

Our home shook for a long time.
Rooftiles seemed to dance on the roof, making noise.


Earthquake shakes western Japan - NHK news
A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook western Japan shortly after 2 AM, local time on Friday.
The Japan Meteorological Agency says the quake's epicenter was in the western part of the Seto Inland sea at a depth of 78 kilometers. It did not trigger a tsunami.

The jolt was felt across wide areas in western Japan.
17 people have been injured in 5 prefectures.... Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Okayama, Oita and Kochi.
Many of them fell while trying to evacuate their homes.
Police have received reports that the walls of some houses have been damaged. The authorities are warning residents in the region to be prepared for aftershocks.
source : www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld


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