Typhoon 12 - TALAS

source : typhoon.yahoo.co.jp


Will head toward Ogasaware islands on August 28.


Does not move much.
(hopefully will turn east soon)

still very slow, heading toward Kanto.

Still going slow, toward Kanto.
We hope to be out of the way.


We might now be in the outside ring on August 2.

Big and strong typhoon. Will be near the Kinki region (that is close to us ) on August 3.
(I still have a slight hope it will turn a bit more east ... )


coming closer . . .

2011年9月1日10時30分発表 - September 01, 2011


He will be at Muroto Misaki, Shikoku on August 3, morning, then cross over Japan and head for the Sea of Japan Nihonkai on August 4.

Our region is not expecting too much rain, but Kanto and Tohoku may get more.

Our regional weather report now shows this "rainstorm" icon for Saturday, September 3.

It has turned more to the east and will hit us !

2011年9月1日19時30分発表  - September 1
At August 3, 15:00 it will be near Chugoku Chiho, that is our region! and then move on to the Nihonhaki on August 15.

It just started raining outside (21:00 on September 01 now.)


Friday, September 02

. . . . . at 6 in the morning
It has been raining lightly all night.

Rain forecast for today, but STRONG rain forecast for tomorrow, with most coming maybe between 9 and 18:00, of 14 mm/h, maybe 17 mm/h.

rain forecast for 10:00 today

強風半径 : 中心から東650km / 中心から西560km
速度 : ゆっくり

It is moving VERY slow now. Maybe be at Muroto Misaki, Shikoku, around 3 tomorrow, heading for the Sanin side of Western Japan around 3:00 on September 4
(that means, taking one full day to cross over our region).
It might pick up speed once it is over land, maybe 25 km/h.

thanks gabi-san
stay dry from the rain,
stay wet with beer

tribute from a friend

. . . . . at 10:00
No rain, little wind for now.
But this one is heading straight to our region!
Tomorrow morning around 9:00 it might land in Fukuyama ... that is a close call!

2011年9月2日11時30分発表 - update 11:30
Still hanging south of Muroto Misaki and be there until 21:00 tonight ... will become a tropical depression on September 5, 9:00.

. . . . . at 13:00
Wind is picking up now, rain is not so much here.
But just watched TV, many parts north-east of us are already drenched and a lot of damage from mud slides and land slides.
Brrr, and this is just the beginning.

. . . . . at 14:00
Strong rain has started now here too. But stopped around 15:00.

2011年9月2日15時30分発表 - update 15:30
速度 20km/h speed
Still hanging 250 km south of Muroto Misaki and moving very slow. Maybe pass Yonago on the Nihonkai side on September 3 at 12:00 or 15:00.

. . . . . at 17:00
Strong rain and wind again (but still not toooooo bad).
Okayama is now in the circle with very strong wind, all on RED ALERT.

Friday, September 02, 2011 17:48 - NHK news
Severe tropical storm approaching western Japan

A severe tropical storm is approaching western Japan and is expected to pass through the western part of the archipelago on Friday and Saturday.
The Meteorological Agency says severe tropical storm Talas was 190 kilometers off the coast of Kochi Prefecture and moving north at 20 kilometers per hour as of 5 PM on Friday.
The agency says parts of the prefecture were inside the storm zone.
Winds of up to 108-kilometers per hour were blowing near the storm's center, and more than 90 kilometers per hour within a radius of about 200 kilometers.
The storm is bringing heavy rains to many areas, mainly along the Pacific coast.
More than 650 millimeters of rain has been recorded in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, since Tuesday, and more than 350 millimeters in some other areas.
Weather officials say the heavy rain will continue in wide areas from western to northern Japan until Saturday.
The officials are calling on residents to stay on the alert for floods and landslides.

2011年9月2日19時30分発表 update 19:30
Maybe at Takamatsu tomorrow by 6:00, heading towart Tottori town by 18:00.

My valley is still rather quiet right now.

2011年9月2日20時30分発表 - update 20:30
No change in the forecast.

. . . . . at 21:00
Still rather quiet around here.
Most rain now forecast from 6:00 to 15:00 tomorrow, maybe 18 mm/h ...

. . . . . at 23:00
Still raining, but not tooo much.

2011年9月2日23時30分発表 - update at 23:30
Typhoon is hanging 100 km south of Muroto Misaki. It will be close to Okayama prefecture at nine next morning and off to the sea at 21:00.


September 03 - Saturday

. . . . . at 05:00
The night was more quiet than expected, I just woke up to a strong rain pounding the roof.

This typhoon has not moved much, it should be in the middle of Shikoku at 9:00.

2011年9月3日4時30分発表 update at 4:30
Moving along with 15 km/h and a pressure of 975hPa, so just a bit weeker.
Should land in Okayama at 15:00 and be out at the other side of Japan on September 4 at 3:00.

Well, we have another day of typhoon ahead of us.
I just hope it stays as quiet as yesterday.

Strong rain up to 20 mm/h and wind of 14 m are forecast around lunchtime.

Saturday, September 03, 2011 07:54 - NHK news
Severe tropical storm makes landfall in Japan
A severe tropical storm has made landfall in Japan's southwestern island of Shikoku on Saturday morning.
The Meteorological Agency says that tropical storm Talas is moving north and packing winds of up to 108 kilometers per hour near its center.
As of 8 AM, Talas has left one person dead, 3 missing and 24 others injured. At a metal processing factory in Kobe, a 6.5-meter-high, 13-ton iron door fell onto a worker, breaking his leg.
The storm is bringing heavy rain to western and eastern Japan.
In Kami-Kitayama Village, Nara Prefecture, over 1 meter of rain has fallen since Tuesday. Areas along mountains in Shikoku have received 75 centimeters.
On Saturday, the Kansai region is expected to receive up to 70 centimeters of rain and the Tokai region is forecast to get up to 60 centimeters.
Weather officials are warning of mudslides, swollen rivers, floods and strong winds. They are also cautioning against storm surges and high waves.

rainclouds at 4:00

still waiting for Mister Talas -
I check the weather forecast
one more time

Within 24 hours, Tokai (Nagoya) and Kinki (Osaka, Kobe, & Kyoto) area may experience 800 mm of total rainfall.
Shikoku and Kanto (Tokyo) area may experience 500 mm
Chugoku (Hiroshima & Okayama) area may experience 250 mm.

2011年9月3日6時30分発表 - update at 6:30
Not much change. Still hanging 40 km south of Shikoku. Moving along with 15 km/h and a pressure of 980hPa, so just another bit weeker.

2011年9月3日7時30分発表 - update at 7:30
Slowly, slowly, now it should land in Okayama at 18:00.

I hope we are not up for another night with this creeper.

. . . . . at 9:30
Not much change, the typhoon is going slowly, now reached Shikoku near Aki town 安芸市. And still spreading in a circle of more than 1000 kilometers across Japan.

Watching TV is like a horror movie, with landslides and mudslides wrapping around homes and cars, swollen rivers, broken dams, airports closed, ferries grounded, trains halted, highways closed, huge white waves crashing along the shore ...

At least it is saturday and most have opted to stay home anyway.

Wind and rain are picking up here now.

TV announced most prefectures (including Okayama) to be in the red alert zone for landslides and overflowing rivers, some regions have had a record rainfall in a short time.
And this is still just the beginning .

Another tropical depression is buiding up also, still way south in the Pacific. Hopefully not evolving into Number 13.

. . . . . at 11:00
A slight turn to the East again, means it is aiming straight over Okayama now.
central pressure 982hPa.
near Konan city, Shikoku 香南市付近
Now expected to hit Okayama by 21:00.

It is now raining constantly here, but not too strong wind. Some parts of Tottori got a good washing and still go strong with the rainclouds.
More than half the country is affected by this one now.

Saturday, September 03, 2011 12:11 - NHK
Severe storm raises alert in Japan
A severe tropical storm is heading north after making landfall on Japan's southwestern island of Shikoku on Saturday morning.
The Meteorological Agency says tropical storm Talas is moving slowly north over Shikoku.
It has an atmospheric pressure of 982 hectopascals at its center and winds of up to 108 kilometers per hour.
The storm is bringing record heavy rain to western and eastern Japan.
In Kami-kitayama Village, Nara Prefecture, over 115 centimeters of rain has fallen since Tuesday.
Daisen in Tottori Prefecture has recorded more than 80 centimeters of rain and areas along mountains in Shikoku have received 80 centimeters.
Mountainous areas in Tokai and north of the Kanto region had more than 60 centimeters of rain.
Weather officials say the storm will retain strength and keep moving north, and is expected to reach the Sea of Japan coast late on Saturday night.
NHK has learned that Talas left one person dead, 5 missing, and 36 others injured.
Authorities across the nation issued evacuation orders and advisories for more than 28,000 households, warning against swollen rivers and mudslides.

. . . . .

2011年9月3日12時30分発表 - update at 12:30
Located at Kami town in Kochi, Shikoku. Getting slow.
Still expected to hit Okayama by 21:00.

. . . . . at 13:00
I just watched a forecast on TV, the typhoon is now at Kannon-Ji, Shikoku and heading straight for Okayama town ! Then on over land to Kurayoshi on the other side by midnight.
(With my home right in its path, maybe we even get to see the "eye" of the typhoon).

Wind and rain are now rather strong here, the rain gutters are almost overflowing and the little gutter down the valley turned into a roaring something ...

rainclouds over Okayama at 14:00

Many parts of Northern Okayama are flooded or had landslides.

I hope we do not get a power blackout.

. . . . . at 14:30
The typhoon took almost 7 hours to pass over Shikoku and is now heading for Okayama.
There is much rain damage and much more to come, since it will not pick up speed soon.
now at 985hPa.

typhoon talas -
a spider hangs
over Western Japan

2011年9月3日16時30分発表 - update at 16:30
The typoon is now at Temple Zentsuji in Shikoku, moving along with 15 km/h.
Expected to reach San-in at the Sea of Japan at 3 in the morning tomorrow.

. . . . . at 18:00
The typhoon has made its way to Kurashiki now. Moving on at 15 km/h.

(In my valley, things are getting more quiet ... eerie ... and the cicadas are out in the bamboo trying their concert !)

2011年9月3日19時30分発表 - update at 19:30
The typhoon is now at Kurashiki (about 1 hour drive south of my home) heading north with 10 km/h.
Maybe reach the Sea of Japan at 6 tomorrow morning, near Yonago in Tottori.

Rain is becoming stronger as I write, but the wind is still not too bad up here.

More and more damage is shown on TV in other parts of Japan.

And a new typhoon, Nr. 13, is now brewing in the Pacific.

2011年9月3日20時30分発表 - update at 20:30
990hPa - getting weaker
The typhoon is still hanging around Kurashiku and moving VERY slowly.
Maybe tomorrow by 6 it will have crossed Western Japan.

So we are in for another sleepless night ...


September 04 - Sunday

. . . . . at 5:00
The night was so quiet around here, it was unbelievable.

2011年9月4日4時30分発表 - update 4:30
The typhoon has weakened another bit and is moving with a slow speed of 15 km/h. It is now off the coast on the Japan Sea and will move on North.
Maybe become a tropical depression in the early morning of September 6.

Well, this means for us it is all over.

life goes on -
cicadas announce
the end of the storm

There was even a bit of sunshine around 9:00.


Saturday, September 03, 2011 22:23 - NHK last night
Severe tropical storm moving north
A severe tropical storm is moving over Okayama Prefecture in western Japan, after crossing the island of Shikoku and the Seto inland sea.
The Meteorological Agency says tropical storm Talas was moving north at 10 kilometers per hour, as of 6 PM on Saturday.
It has an atmospheric pressure of 988 hectopascals at its center with winds of up to 108-kilometers per hour. The storm covers a wide area from western to central Japan and most part of Shikoku Island.
In western Japan, 1,400 millimeters of rain has fallen since Tuesday. Weather officials are calling on people to be on high alert for landslides and flooding.
The temperature in Niigata Prefecture and the Tohoku region in coastal areas of the Sea of Japan exceeded 35 degrees Celsius on Saturday.
The Meteorological Agency say Talas will continue moving northward to the Sea of Japan overnight. Weather officials also say 50 to 60 millimeters of rain with thunder is expected over a wide area of eastern and western Japan. Occasional heavy rain is likely in northern Japan.
Stormy weather is expected to continue along the Pacific coast from western to northern Japan.
At least 2 people have died in the storm, 5 are missing and 65 others were injured in 18 prefectures.

Sunday, September 04, 2011 07:57 - NHK
Tropical storm leaves 3 dead in Japan
A severe tropical storm is moving north over the Sea of Japan after passing over western Japan. It has left 3 people dead, 19 missing and 86 others injured.
The Meteorological Agency says as of 7 AM on Sunday, tropical storm Talas was travelling northward at 10 kilometers per hour. It had an atmospheric pressure of 992 hectopascals at its center with winds of up to 82 kilometers per hour.
A massive influx of moist air is bringing heavy rain to parts of western Japan.
Rainfall has reached over 1,700 millimeters in a village in Nara Prefecture, western Japan, since Tuesday.
In another village in the same prefecture, 2 houses were carried away by an overflowing river on Saturday night, leaving one person dead and 7 others missing.
In neighboring Wakayama Prefecture, 3 houses were destroyed by a landslide early on Sunday, leaving 5 people missing.
About 180,000 households mainly in western Japan have been either ordered, or advised to evacuate.
The Meteorological Agency says heavy rain may continue to hit some parts of western and central Japan through Sunday night. It is warning people in the affected areas to be on high alert for landslides and flooding.

quote from Japan Times
More than 300 houses were flooded while several landslides were reported since the typhoon's landfall in southern japan. Also, since the storm was moving unusually slow, it worsened the condition. Later, NHK confirmed that the number of dead was 2, the number of injured was 59 and the number of missing was 5 after more than 130 centimetres (50 inches) of rain triggered flooding.

A staggering 700 houses were completely inundated by the floodwaters spawned by Talas in eastern and western Japan and about 9,500 households in nine prefectures across the nation were without power after power outages. More than 400 flights were cancelled leaving a staggering 34,000 stranded.
source : Wikipedia

Two dead, 67 hurt as Talas hits Shikoku
A powerful typhoon crashed through Shikoku and slammed into Honshu's Okayama Prefecture on Saturday, leaving two people dead, at least 13 missing and 67 injured, the Meteorological Agency and local officials said.

Sunday, September 04, 2011 12:29 - NHK
Tropical storm leaves 9 dead and 32 missing
Severe tropical storm Talas, which hit western Japan, has left 9 people dead and more than 30 others missing.
In Nara Prefecture in western Japan, an overflowing river washed away 2 houses on Saturday night. 4 of the 11 people who lived there were taken to a hospital. One was confirmed dead. 7 people are still missing.
In neighboring Wakayama Prefecture, one person was found dead in a house which was buried under a mudslide early on Sunday morning. 3 more houses were also destroyed by a landslide. 5 people are missing.

NHK has learned that 9 people are dead and 32 missing in western Japan. 94 people were injured in 18 prefectures in central and western Japan.
Torrential rain continues to pound the Kii Peninsula and neighboring areas with moist air still streaming into the tropical storm. Some areas had more than 50 millimeters of rain in one hour on Sunday morning.
Since the approach of Talas on Thursday, close to 1,800 millimeters of rain, a record level, accumulated in some areas in Nara, 1,500 millimeters in Mie, and 1,100 millimeters in Wakayama.
The Meteorological Agency says from 50 to 80 millimeters of rain is expected into the night in central and western Japan.
The agency advises people to remain vigilant for floods and mudslides in areas where a record level of rain fell as it could intensify again.

Talas brings record heavy rain in Kii Peninsula - NHK
Tropical storm Talas pummeled the Kii Peninsula in west central Japan. Rainfall has topped a record-breaking 1,800 millimeters in one village in the region.
The Meteorological Agency says the weather has become unstable in wide areas, with damp air from the south flowing into the storm now moving north over the Sea of Japan.
Torrential rain is falling in the Tokai and Hokuriku regions in central Japan.
As the storm moves northward, it is expected to dump up to 40 millimeters of rain per hour in the Kanto and Tohoku regions in eastern to northeastern Japan on Monday evening.
In Hokkaido, northern Japan, heavy rain of up to 60 millimeters per hour could fall in some parts from late Monday afternoon through Tuesday, as Talas and another storm are approaching.
The agency is calling on people in those areas to be on alert for landslides and flooding.

. . . . .

We just watched the destruction in Wakayama, Kii peninsula - the amount of rain is hard to imagine.

Here still all quiet, just a drizzle and gentle wind, nice and cool ...

2011年9月4日13時30分発表 - update at 13:30
Now off the San-In coast, still moving slowly.
The strong wind area covers Jaan from Kyushu to Akita ... it is amazing. Rainclouds are hanging in Wakayama and up North-East . . . also in Shimane and Tottori.


September 05 - Monday

2011年9月5日4時30分発表 - update at 4:40
The typhoon is now in the Sea of Japan, moving north, maybe gone by September 6 around 3.
But there are still strong rainclouds in many parts of Japan, the flooding is still going on.

Gov't ready to support typhoon-hit areas - NHK
The Japanese government is ready to provide support for the areas damaged by typhoon Talas.
About 30 disaster management officials from 17 ministries and agencies met in Tokyo on Sunday.
Disaster Management Minister Tatsuo Hirano told the meeting that more rain is expected and further preparations are needed.
He said the officials must assess the level of the damage as soon as possible and take the necessary steps to save lives.
The officials gave damage reports and confirmed that they will do their best to rescue the missing.
They also agreed to ensure the safety of people who are evacuating their homes and to take measures to prevent further damage.
A government team headed by the Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office, Yukihito Akutsu, will travel to Wakayama Prefecture on Sunday to assess the damage.

Monday, September 05, 2011 00:05 - NHK
Talas leaves 20 dead, 55 missing in Japan
Tropical storm Talas has wreaked havoc in western Japan, leaving at least 20 people dead and 55 missing.
In Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, a landslide destroyed 3 houses early on Sunday morning. One person was killed and 7 went missing.
Police say 11 people have been confirmed dead and 29 are unaccounted for in the prefecture.
In Totsukawa Village, Nara Prefecture, a flood swept away 11 people in 2 houses. Four were rescued, but one was later confirmed dead. The remaining 7 are missing.
Three people have died and 23 are missing in the prefecture.
Floods and landslides have killed several more people in other regions in western and southern Japan.
More than 100 have been injured in the storm-hit areas.

Monday, September 05, 2011 17:46- NHK
Landslides confirmed at 54 locations in Japan
Torrential rain brought by tropical storm Talas has caused landslides in at least 54 locations across central and western Japan, and a risk of more is posing a threat to rescue and relief efforts.
The government's disaster task force met for the second time on Monday since it was set up the previous day.
A land ministry official reported that 31 people are listed as dead or missing. Landslides have been reported in 17 prefectures.
In Nara Prefecture, mid-western Japan, an overflowing river has reportedly been dammed up with mud and rocks at 5 locations in Tenkawa Village and Gojo City.
The ministry is trying to confirm the situation by sending helicopters and experts to the affected sites.
Disaster Management Minister Tatsuo Hirano ordered members of the task force to speed up their assessment of storm damage, as the number of victims and extent of damage looked set to grow.

quote from Japan Times
20 dead, 55 missing in Talas' wake
Typhoon Talas passes into the Sea of Japan after leaving at least 20 people dead and 55 missing in the Kinki and Shikoku regions.
[MORE] ->
source : japantimes.co.jp

Damage in Okayama

家屋浸水4400棟 台風12号被害 
source : www.sanyo.oni.co.jp

湯原温泉 復旧見通し立たず Yugawa had to open the dam
source : www.sanyo.oni.co.jp


Typhoon toll reaches 34 dead, 56 missing
Talas, the region's 12th typhoon of the year, has left 32 people dead and 56 missing so far, making it the deadliest storm in about seven years.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 03:32 - NHK
Tropical storm kills 50, many await rescue
Tropical storm Talas has left 50 people dead and 55 missing, mainly in western Japan.
The large and slow-moving storm dumped record amounts of rain across central and western Japan over the weekend.
As of Tuesday evening, at least 2,400 people are stranded in 32 communities in the 3 prefectures of Wakayama, Nara and Mie. The Self-Defense Forces have been mobilized to rescue thousands of people stranded in the worst-hit areas.
In the 3 prefectures, more than 24,000 households have been left without power.
The storm has also destroyed at least 93 houses in 8 prefectures.
The tropical storm has moved off to the Sea of Japan where it has been downgraded to a low-pressure system.
But evacuation advisories were still in effect for about 17,000 households across the country, due to the lingering effects of the storm.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011
Blocked rivers feared to burst in western Japan
The land ministry is conducting an emergency survey of rivers in western Japan blocked by landslides triggered from tropical storm Talas.
Concern is rising that poole
The ministry is surveying 4 such landslide lakes. Three have formed along tributaries of the Totsu River in Nara prefecture, while the 4th lies along a branch of the Hiki River in Wakayama prefecture.
The ministry began the survey by land and air on Tuesday to determine the likelihood of a collapse and assess the extent of possible damage.
It will inform local governments of the results to help them decide whether or not to evacuate residents.
The ministry also plans to work with local authorities to drain the water, possibly by digging channels or using pumps.

Storm Talas damages ancient pilgrimage route - NHK
Tropical storm Talas left a trail of destruction across western Japan, including damage to a World Heritage site in Mie Prefecture.
Ancient, stone-paved coastal pilgrimage paths called Kumano Kodo were found covered by mud in Mihama Town. The town was drenched with heavy rain brought by the typhoon.
The routes crisscross the Kii mountain range, straddling Mie, Wakayama and Nara prefectures. They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004 for their cultural value and unique scenery.
Officials of a corporation affiliated with Mie Prefectural Government say a mudslide has also been confirmed on a 200-meter section of a road leading to Kumano Kodo.
The prefecture's education board plans to assess the extent of the damage.

. Kumano Kodo 熊野古道 The Pilgrim Road .
with updates on the damage of the shrines


Supplies to be sent to cut-off areas
Efforts to search for the missing and deliver relief supplies are hindered by roads and other lifelines in Nara and Wakayama prefectures severed by Typhoon Talas.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 14:17
Tropical storm kills more than 50 people
Tropical storm Talas, which brought record rain across central and western Japan, has left 54 people dead and 53 missing.
In Gojo city, Nara Prefecture, 2 person died and 9 went missing after a mudslide triggered by the heavy rain hit a small community there.
Some 200 rescue workers from police, fire stations and the Self-Defense Forces are searching for the missing with heavy machinery.
SDF troops are also searching for missing people in other affected areas. The Coast Guard is mobilized to look for the missing mainly at river outlets.
As of Wednesday evening, about 470 people remain stranded in Mie, Wakayama and Nara prefectures. The number is growing smaller, as many roads damaged in the storm have been restored.
SDF troops are transporting medical staff, food and water to isolated communities.

Thursday, September 08, 2011 18:09
More heavy rain feared on Kii Peninsula
Weather officials warn that more heavy rain could fall on wide areas of the Kii Peninsula in midwestern Japan from late Thursday night.
The Meteorological Agency says unstable atmospheric conditions caused by humid, hot air from the south could bring heavy intermittent downpours on the peninsula and surrounding areas.
The agency says 30 millimeters of rain per hour is expected from late Thursday night through dawn on Friday.
The agency says accumulated rainfall until noon on Friday is expected to reach 120 millimeters in Wakayama and Nara prefectures and 100 millimeters in Mie Prefecture.
The officials are advising residents to be on alert for possible landslides, as the region has already been hit by record downpours from last week.
They noted heightened risks of mudslides in the 3 prefectures, where soil has been loosened by the rain.

Thursday, September 08, 2011 19:52
Land ministry starts monitoring dammed-up river
The land ministry has started around-the clock monitoring of a river in western Japan that has been dammed up by landslides from tropical storm Talas. In Nara and Wakayama prefectures, 12 sections of rivers have become blocked by landslides.
A water-level monitoring buoy was dropped from a helicopter into a section of a river blocked off by landslides in Nara on Thursday.
The buoy sends data to a monitoring facility via satellite to keep track of water levels 24 hours a day.
The river in Gojo City is one of four blocked sections dammed up by landslides in Nara and neighboring Wakayama that are at risk of bursting and causing massive floods.
The ministry is preparing to drop buoys into the three remaining blocked rivers soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - NHK
Wakayama storm survivors get aid via ropeway
Residents in a town in mid-western Japan who were left stranded after a recent tropical storm, have finally begun receiving supplies by way of a makeshift ropeway.
Eleven people in the town of Hongu in Wakayama Prefecture have been marooned since rain from tropical storm Talas washed away part of the road leading to their remote mountain village.
The ropeway is made of industrial-strength wire that has been strung across a 100-meter wide valley.
The delivery of goods began on Wednesday and included toilet paper, canned food, gasoline and other necessities.
A town official, Hideyuki Egi, says he thinks it is easier using the ropeway than having the goods carried in manually especially considering it will take a while to repair the road.
Talas left 66 people dead and 30 missing, most of them in Wakayama Prefecture.


Friday, September 16

Tropical storm Roke bearing down on west Japan
Tropical storm Roke is bringing torrential rain on the Pacific side of western and central Japan. It could trigger more damage to areas already battered by a storm that hit earlier this month.
The Meteorological Agency says the tropical storm was over the sea about 190 kilometers east of Naha, Okinawa, on Friday evening local time.
The storm is packing winds of more than 80 kilometers per hour near its center.
Roke, accompanied by a warm and humid air mass from the Pacific, is currently bringing up to around 50 millimeters of rain per hour to western and central Japan.
Localized downpours have been reported in the Kii Peninsula, which saw record rains from tropical storm Talas earlier this month. Talas left nearly 100 people dead or missing.
In the Kii area, local governments have ordered hundreds of people to evacuate, as dammed-up rivers formed by landslides caused by Talas could collapse under another spell of heavy rain.
Up to 300 millimeters of rain are expected in the region by Saturday afternoon, raising fears of more landslides and other damage. Weather officials are calling on people to stay alert.

Friday, September 16, 2011 12:52
Officials monitor dammed-up rivers - NHK
Officials in western Japan are stepping up their monitoring of rivers that were dammed up by recent record rainfalls.
The land ministry says lakes created by landslides could overflow depending on the amount of rainfall the area receives.
In Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, officials are checking images taken by a surveillance camera near the lake, as well as a buoy used to monitor the water level.
Meanwhile, officials in Totsukawa Village, Nara Prefecture, issued evacuation advisories for a part of the village on Friday morning due to the possibility of an older lake overflowing.
The lake was formed by landslides 120 years ago.
A village official said the safety of the residents is the highest priority.

To be continued HERE now :
. Typhoon 15, Roke .


Tropical Cyclone Information
Japan Meteorological Agency
source : www.jma.go.jp

Typhoon Talas
(international designation: 1112, JTWC designation: 15W) is an active tropical cyclone posing great threat to Japan. It is the 12th named storm, the 7th severe tropical storm and the 5th typhoon of the 2011 Pacific typhoon season.



More about Typhoon Nr. 15, Roke(ロウキー)

. Typhoon 15, Roke .


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