061107 tatsumaki

北海道に竜巻 !



オホーツク海に 18℃ の暖かさ、
日本海側に マイナス30℃ ぐらいの寒さ。。。



Warm weather on the side of the Sea of Ohotsuku was about plus 18 degrees warm, and on the side of the Japanese Sea in went down to minus 30 degrees centigrade in the higher air regions!
This sudden cooling caused widespread stroms all over Japan.

Even here in my mountains, it looks like after a typhoon!
And is still supposed to go on till tomorrow morning.


TOKYO, Japan (AP) --
A tornado ripped through a northern Japanese town on Tuesday, killing at least nine people and injuring 25 more, officials said. Several hours after the twister, two people were missing and believed to be trapped under the rubble of flattened homes and offices.

The tornado, which knocked out electricity and flipped over cars in the town of Saroma on the northern island of Hokkaido, was the deadliest tornado on record in Japan.

Local television showed a scene of devastation, with a wide swath of collapsed buildings, badly damaged cars and utility poles strewn across streets. Many of the victims were construction workers building a tunnel near the town, officials said.

Tornados are relatively rare in Japan.

According to the Central Meteorological Agency, the worst tornado previously recorded in Japan was just two months ago, when three people were killed on the southern island of Kyushu. The agency only has records of tornado-related deaths going back to 1961.

National broadcaster NHK quoted a local woman, Keiko Takeda, as saying that the skies suddenly darkened over the town and when she opened her window winds were swirling outside.

"It was very strong, but it was over very quickly," she said.

The twister blacked out several hundred homes and also disturbed phone communications, police said. Some 350 police officers were being mobilized in the relief effort.

The twister hit Saroma shortly after 1 p.m., said area fire department official Nobuaki Ueda.

Ueda had no immediate details on the severity of the injuries to the 25 people, although he said 10 were able to go the hospital on their own, while the other 15 were taken in ambulances.

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sakuo said...


中村 作雄

. Gabi Greve said...

super storm --
the unexpected cold
makes us shiver

Wish me a good night (last night was sleepless, too much buuuuuu wuuuuuu buuuu of the roof.)


Believe it or not, but that is definitely one thing I miss about Asia ... all that buuuu wuuuu buuu.
I love it when I hear it here, too ... and then the neighbour's radio blasting out because they want to catch the latest weather
forecast ... so much de ja vu.

howling wind
I snuggle under the blankets
and daydream

Ella Wagemakers

Dear GABI,

All the best for tonight and the rest of the days. . .

Here in London, trying to cope with a moody weather!
With the cold steadily seeping into my very bones. . .
kala from India

Take care Gabi...
there is not much defense against tornadoes except to get below ground.
Kala, keep warm! :-) In the northwest our rivers are rising, with many people evacuated. Hoping for no more rain.

rainy autumn--
even the river rat
seeks higher ground

Carole from America

Thank you all, my friends from WHCworkshop!
GABI on November 8 in Japan
after a good nights sleep, cold but at least no more wind ...

. Gabi Greve said...

glad you are safe ..
keep warm my daughter in washington state is going through severe flooding..
mother nature sure is having a field day all these strange weather patterns...
we had another shake today...

aloha and blessings be with you
shanna from Hawaii
Thanks, Shanna, and good luck to the washington family too!

Billie Dee said...

Hello Gabi - Please stay safe from the weather! Last autumn I was in Iowa (USA), a state noted for tornados and severe hail storms. From my mother-in-law’s deck we watched an amazing lightening storm, followed by heavy hail and rain. There were funnel clouds spotted about 3 miles away. I spent the night in the cellar.

sheet lightening
from every direction
eye of the storm

funnel clouds
burring through the corn fields
3 of them!

storm cellar
waiting for the big one
it never comes

. Gabi Greve said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts!

We were really lucky to be quite far away from the scene of ... destruction.

I am still sweeping the garden and road from branches and debris ...